Frequently asked questions

  1. While installing TLOL Suite™ 3.0, I see some drives highlighted in red. what’s wrong? 

  2. TLOL Suite™ 3.0 requires minimum 12 GB free disk space for complete installation. If the disk does not have the required space, you will see those disks coloured red. In such cases, you need to make available enough disk space to continue with the installation on that disk.

  3. I have set a bookmark and commented it. How do I view the comments when I see the bookmark later?

  4.  Click on the Bookmark tab to view the bookmarks stored. You can view the comments under Description.

  5. Can I view full case as I scroll through the search result?

  6. Yes. You can view full case by scrolling down in the “Main Document Window”. As you select another reference in the “Results List Win­dow”, the case related to the selected reference will be automatically refreshed. You can also maximise the “Main Document Window” to view its content full screen.

  7.  When I execute TLOL Suite™ 3.0, I get a message that “Another instance of TLOL Suite™ 3.0 is already running”. What should I do? 

  8. When TLOL Suite™ 3.0 exits abnormally, it may not be completely removed from memory. In such cases, press  Ctrl + Alt + Delete.  Click on Task Manager. All active applications are listed in this window. Choose TLOL Suite 3.0 from the list and  click End Proc­ess. Once the TLOL Suite 3.0 is removed from memory, you can exe­cute TLOL Suite™ 3.0 again.

  9. When performing node installation, server IP address and port number are not detected automatically. What do I do?

  10. You can follow one of the following three options:

    1. Please check whether the node is part of a LAN. If not, connect to a LAN where the TLOL Suite™ 3.0 server is also connected.

    2. Please check whether a firewall or anti-virus is blocking the con­nection.

    3. You can check with your LAN administrator and enter IP of the server with port number directly in the Product Activation win­dow.

  11. TLOL Suite™ 3.0 intermitently stops functioning in a windows domain environment with the following error condition: Error No:6 “Could not start database”. What should I do?

  12. Check with your LAN administrator if your domain policy allows non-domain users who do not belong to the domain and who do not have administrator rights to start windows service.

  13. I get an error immediately after running Setup.exe. What should I do?

  14. For any error that occurs during installation, please contact our tech-support to resolve the issue.

  15. I get an error “Could not connect to database”. What should I do?

  16. Please close TLOL Suite™ 3.0 and start it again or contact tech-support.

  17. When I execute TLOL Suite™ 3.0, I keep getting an error “Error number 9”: cannot connect to server” error message every time. Why does this happen?

  18.  Click OK displayed within the message box and follow one of the steps mentioned below:

    1. On systems with low memory or slow CPU, this error is likely to occur the very first time TLOL Suite™ 3.0 is started after a system boot. This error will disappear if you start the program again.

    2. Ensure browser proxy settings are correct. Add local host and IP address of the system to the proxy exceptions.

    3. Immediately after starting TLOL Suite™ 3.0, press  Ctrl + Alt + Delete. Click on Task Manager. If either one or both the java processes are not running, please contact technical support.

    4. You can upgrade your RAM and then try running TLOL Suite™ 3.0.

  19. I get an error “Unable to connect to remote server”. What should I do?

    1. In single user installation, please close the application and re-run the same from the desktop.

    2. In Multi-user installation, go to Start-> All programs-> TLOL Suite 3.0-> Start server. A window will appear.  Click on the option Restart Service to resolve the problem.

  20. If my system has to be re-initialised with a fresh Operating System instal­lation, how do I re-install TLOL Suite™ 3.0?

  21. Refer “TLOL Suite™ 3.0 Installation Instructions” attached separately, to re-install TLOL Suite™ 3.0. Provide the same product key to activate via internet.

  22. Is it possible to run TLOL Suite™ 3.0 on two machines simultaneously?  

  23. Yes, you can run TLOL Suite™ 3.0 on two machines simultaneously, but, you have to use automatic online activation. Refer  “Automatic online activation” in TLOL Suite™ 3.0 User Guide.

  24. When I activate TLOL Suite™ 3.0, I get a message that says “Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt”. What should I do?

  25. Please check your system’s date and time. Ensure they are set correctly and re-run TLOL Suite™ 3.0.

  26. If the activation failed, what should I do?

  27. Please check whether internet connection is available. Also, while you activate, check whether anti-virus and firewall is turned off. Then try activating TLOL Suite™ 3.0 again.

  28.  Will old bookmarks and saved searches from ITRONLINE 2.8 get restored?

  29. Yes, while installing the new version, old bookmarks and saved searches will be restored automatically to the new version.

  30.  How to migrate from ITRONLINE 2.8 to TLOL Suite™ 3.0?

  31. Just follow the “TLOL Suite™ 3.0 Installation Instructions”, attached separately.

  32. How to verify modules that are currently active? 

  33. Within TLOL Suite™ 3.0,  click on  Help   Account Details to see the active and inactive modules.

  34. Can I install in FAT partition?

  35. No, you cannot install TLOL Suite™ 3.0 in FAT partition, it can be installed only on NTFS partition.

  36. In repair option, while running “Setup.exe” what do you mean by Appli­cation repair, Database repair and Complete repair and which should be opted for rectifying TLOL Suite™ 3.0 application?

  37. Repair option is used to rectify problems while starting TLOL Suite™ 3.0 application.

    Repair option in single-user mode:

    1. Complete repair option is best suited to rectify most problems.

    2. You can opt for Application repair, if any error message is dis­played immediately after starting TLOL Suite™ 3.0.

    3. You can opt for Database repair, after following procedure below.

    Repair option in Multi-user server:

    1. You can opt for Database repair option, which is the only per­missible option.

    2. If you have installed node in a server, then refer Repair in “Sin­gle User”.

    Repair option in Multi-user Node:

    1. You can opt for Application repair option, which is the only per­missible option.

    2. If you have installed node in a server, then refer Repair in “Sin­gle User”.

  38. Setup32.exe or Setup64.exe which one should I use for update, install, repair or uninstall?

  39. Setup32.exe has to be run on Windows™ 32-bit version while Setup64.exe has to be run on Windows™ 64-bit version. To iden­tify whether your PC is running 64-bit version of Windows™ or 32-bit version of Windows™:

    1. On computers running Windows™ XP:

    2. On computers running Windows™ Vista or Windows™ 7 or Windows™ 8:

  40. My installation went through successfully, but I see an Error Log window. What should I do?

  41. If you find Error Log window at the end of SETUP, do the following:

    1. Path to the error log file will be displayed at the bottom of the window. Please make a note of the folder location.

    2. Open the folder containing the error log file.

    3. Attach the file InstallLog.xml to an e-mail and send to sup­ to resolve the issue at the earliest.

  42. I am a system administrator for a large LAN. Is there any easy way to deploy TLOL Suite™ 3.0 across all machines?

  43. Yes.We have a special PUSH INSTALL application ready for large net­worked offices. Please contact our tech-support.

  44. I am getting a CRC error[Cyclical Redundancy Check] error during installation. What should I do? 

CRC error appearing during installation usually represents a defective media. Please call tech support for media replacement.1 

1.   Standard terms and conditions apply.